Thursday, February 26, 2009

Hudson-Span404 response

From what I understood from the presenter the movie was sponsored and administered by Americans therefore I doubt that tit was aimed to soviet audiences or that it intended to provoke communist pride. In fact, I think that the movie ended up in a museum in New York.

I liked the way the movie was divided in different sections, however the last part (in the cactus plantation) took over the first part-at least for me- because of the story that was told about the abused fiance. i would have liked the movie better had the director kept the documentary like style

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MariB said...


I think that the inconsistencies were actually there to show connections. On one hand we had traditional Mexican music, plus the original somewhat futuristic score of the film. It to me, resonates a kind of harmonious coexistence by the different times of music. Also look at the different stories. We have the story of the bullfighter, which is very a very colonial depiction of Mexico, and also the story of Concepcion. They are both equally as valuable as they both represent Mexico. One is more of representative of the hybridity evident in Mexico, and the other is of its own unique, centuries old traditions